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Hi, folks! This is my first blog post.

Well, technically, it’s my third, but let’s not be anal about things.

I’ll be posting tips on a range of subjects, and I’ll be writing articles on subjects like productivity, organization, writing, and the environment.

I’m quite new to the blogging scene, and am doing it mostly to get some exposure. Recently, while getting my portfolio ready, I had a realization — I have very little published stuff available to show. A blog’s been on my mind for a long time now, but this realization gave a sort of urgency to it.

I’m only normal; I need a swift kick to the butt sometimes. That was my kick to the butt, and so here I am!

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’ll be posting and what the basic theme of this blog will be. I have yet to customize it — although I did spend an hour trying, yesterday. And as of now, the website’s still not completely set up, because I’m not sure what I want on the menu yet.

If you have any comments — whether I’m good or bad, what you’d like to see more or less of, what works and what doesn’t, any typos I’ve made — please contact me. You can either leave a comment, use the contact form, or catch me on social media (icons at the bottom of the website; press the ‘End’ button on your keyboard to scroll down quickly).


This post brought to you fresh and prispy© by Priya Agarwal

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