Tips to increase your productivity

Become more productive at work

There are some small changes you can make, to increase your productivity. So without further ado, here are my top five tips for increasing productivity at work.

1. Reduce digital clutter

Digital clutter is a problem most people face. It can be overwhelming, but at the same time, it’s also really easy to take care of, with the right tools and a little bit of time. Schedule some time each week to take care of your digital clutter – unsubscribe from spam, backup or delete files as required, and tidy your desktop with these tips from Readers Digest. Having less digital clutter is a lot like having a tidy desk – it reduces anxiety, and helps you concentrate.

2. Folders and filters in email

These are some great tools which many people still aren’t aware of. You can create folders and filters to reduce the number of emails in your inbox, and also to help group your emails together by category. I use them to separate work-related emails and useful newsletters from the rest, but you can use them for anything – emails from your boss, purchase receipts, flight tickets… Plus, filters are great for newsletters that don’t have the ‘unsubscribe’ option. Just enter the sender’s name(s) and create a filter that automatically deletes emails coming from them.

3. Turn notifications off while working

Distractions are a huge productivity killer. And notifications are a constant distraction for most of us. Whether it’s messages, emails, or social media notifications – we’re all affected by it. So, try turning off your notifications while you’re working. And that includes all notifications, except the stuff you’ll actually need to work. Treat your Make Time as sacred, and see what a difference that makes – both to your productivity, and your concentration levels.

4. Assign a time for social media and email

To further help with point three above, assign a time for email and social media. Try to limit email checking to 2-3 times a day. For instance, you can schedule three half-hour phone checking breaks throughout the day (remember to try and avoid using your phone before bed). Experiment to see what frequency and time period works for you. This will help you create some spare time, reduce social media addiction, make your phone battery last longer – and, of course, increase your productivity.

5. Try listening to some white noise

If you’re easily distracted by sound, white noise might be a life saver. It blocks out all other sounds, so you can concentrate better. Personally, I’ve found that rain sounds work the best for me. My favourite is this hour-long track (which I was listening to as I wrote this). Others may find that they prefer birds’ chirps, thunder sounds, wind chimes, crowd noises, flute music, etc. If you’re unsure, check out myNoise, which has a range of options organised by type.

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