Why gardening is a great hobby

Gardening helps you get some serious exercise

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Of late, I’ve developed quite an interest in gardening. We’ve always had a small garden – whether it was just a few pots with some flowering plants, or a few square metres of terrace garden. I was talking to my mother about growing some flowers, and she pointed out that we had two empty pots which we could use. So I went outside to take a look, and decided that our garden needed a systematic upgrade. And that’s where it began.

I have since been reading voraciously on the subject, and I’ve learnt how to make fertilizer at home (and I’ve applied it), how to get rid of aphids, why we should choose the biggest plants, and many other things. And I’m starting to realise that my new hobby is actually helping me in a lot of ways.

For starters, it’s helping me get some exercise. The other day, I was moving plants from one pot to another (we had different species growing in the same pot, and it was all an ungodly mess). It was a half hour’s work, and more than once, I had to stop to catch my breath. It was wonderful. Moving pots and buckets around, or even just standing and staring at the plants, helps my health more than sitting at my desk would.


Grow some beggies in your garden, and they'll motivate you

I’ve always been passionate about the environment, and it’s fulfilling knowing that I’m helping it. For starters, plants help with oxygen levels, so we’ve got that right off the bat. Secondly, since it’s the rainy season my plants often get watered automatically, plus I sometimes recycle water used for cleaning, so I’m reusing water, and helping the water cycle out in my own capacity.

Thirdly, since I plan on planting some veggies soon, I’ll (hopefully) grow some produce, and get an actual, physical return from my little hobby. We have a very small area and can only grow in pots and other containers, so we won’t be reaping a big crop anytime soon, but a pepper every now and then, and some spinach leaves every week would sure be nice.

Lastly, I’ve been learning a lot of new things about the subject, and like with everything else – the more I learn, the more I find that there is to learn! Every new video or article serves as a primer, to furnish me with basic information which’ll help me understand something more in-depth. For instance, after I read about compost, I watched how to set up a compost bin. And after that, leaf molds made sense to me, and pruning seemed like a much better idea.

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