Doing your part for the environment

Squirrels love tomatoes. Try it out!

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I’m an environment lover, and when I read (or hear) about the damage we humans are causing to the environment, it saddens me. Pollution, wastage, species extinction…there are so many crimes we’re guilty of. However, feeling guilty or sad won’t help anyone. I try to block out news sources which inform me about environmental destruction, to cut down on the amount of negativity in my life. Instead, I try to find ways in which I, as an individual, can help.

Over time, I’ve found some things which I can do easily enough, and which I believe can have an impact over time. Here are some of those, in case you, too, want to help out.

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

This is a well-known mantra, which is easy to remember, and very helpful. ‘Reduce’ means that you should reduce your resource consumption, so there is less wastage. ‘Reuse’ means, reuse whatever you can – be it cardboard boxes, clothes, paper, furniture…anything. ‘Recycle’ means…well, to cycle. Many countries have recycling centers where you can send your plastic items, and paper can be sold to paper recycling units.

  1. Grow some plants

This has multiple benefits. Firstly, plants exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide, so you’ll be helping regulate these levels. Secondly, if you grow flowering plants, you’ll be helping your local butterfly and bee population out. That’s very important, as our bee population is declining. Thirdly, since plants need organic matter for nutrients, you’ll be making good use of (some of) your kitchen waste. Plus, if your plants bear fruit, that’s a bonus!

  1. Reduce wastage, and make friends

Do you wish you could help stray animals? Well, you can. Almost every household throws out some perfectly consumable food – either because they didn’t like it, because it was too much to eat, or because it looked unappealing. Instead of throwing food away, why not feed some animals? Over-ripe fruits or damp cereal may be enjoyed by birds, cooked leftovers can be fed to stray dogs, and squirrels don’t mind busted tomatoes.

  1. Conserve water

Water is a precious resource. A lot of areas are starting to have a water shortage, which is a serious wake-up call. Luckily, there are many ways to conserve this resource. For instance, rainwater can be stored and used for cleaning, soaking, etc. Water used for washing fruits and veggies can be reused for cleaning, or for watering plants. Water used for boiling is great for watering plants with (once cold), because it contains nutrients.

So, these are some practical ways in which you can help the environment. If you know of any other easy ways, comment them below!

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