Twin tomato flowers

Twin tomato flowers in bloom

Recently, my tomato plants started flowering, and I noticed that one of the flower buds looked rather large. I thought it might’ve matured earlier, but apparently that isn’t the case. It’s a twin flower bud! Meaning that the sepals enclose two flower buds – which should, in time, bloom into two flowers, and with any luck, grow into two conjoined tomatoes.

Here’s an image of the flower buds, as taken on 25 December.

Twin tomato buds, soon to become twin tomato flowers!

The picture isn’t very clear, because the flowers point downwards and it was difficult to get in there and position the camera right, but I’ve highlighted the two buds. One of them, as you can see, is closed, while the second has opened a bit. You can compare the buds to the mature bud on their left, to get an idea of their size and positions of the individual buds.

Twin tomato flowers in bloom

And here’s an image of the flowers in bloom, taken on 28 December. Notice that the flower has many more petals than is normal (i.e., five). It’s in a difficult spot, so I can’t count very well, but there are at least 7-8 petals from what I can see. I’ll pull the flowers off once they wither, and then I’ll try to prise the petals apart and show you. Then I should also be able to give you a generally better look at the flowers.

I’ve done my bit in pollinating the flowers, so I should have two twin tomatoes growing soon. Assuming I do and everything goes well, I’ll post a picture here once they’re a little big. That should be in around a week or two, so come back here to see them!

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