Tiny little twin tomatoes

Young twin tomatoes

Close to two weeks earlier, I posted pictures of twin flowers that were blooming on one of my tomato plants. They were like Siamese twins, joined at the hip, with two of everything. You can see the post here.

I promised to post an update once the flowers had grown into two little tomatoes, and although their growth seems to be rather slower than I’d expected, here’s a picture taken today.

Young twin tomatoes

As you can see, they’re two little tomatoes growing together, joined like Siamese twins. You can see in this picture that the tomatoes have at least 7 clearly visible sepals. The sepals facing the camera aren’t clearly visible, but there are three of them. So, 10 sepals as opposed to the normal 5!

As to the tomatoes….they rather remind you of something, don’t they?

I will post a final update once the tomatoes are ripe, and we’ve picked them. Let’s see how they look on the inside. I’m planning to save seeds from them, since my mother doesn’t want us to eat them. So, look out for the update approximately two months from now.

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