How to save seeds from senecio rowleyanus

String of pearls plant, with flowers

String of pearls (senecio rowleyanus) is a beautiful plant. It has leaves shaped like pea pods, which hang down beautifully, looking like a cascade of green pearls. Being a succulent, it’s easy to propagate, but since it has flowers, I was curious as to whether it also bears seeds. After looking around on the internet, I found very few mentions of its seeds – and fewer still mentions of how to obtain them.

So, I did some digging around, and here’s what I’ve found:

The plant bears flowers – small, clusters of white that smell of cinnamon and some other spices. The flowers aren’t much to look at, but put the plant on your work desk, and the area will start to smell pleasantly of cinnamon.

After the flowers are pollinated (easy enough to do with a paintbrush), they shrivel up somewhat, and now you’re left with a cluster of seeds. The plant bears seeds in much the same manner as marigold or dandelion, so when you pull the individual tufts away, they’ll come with a seed attached to the bottom.

Here’s a picture of the seeds I saved from my string of pearls plant. They are tiny, and roughly cylindrical/rectangular in shape. The “beads” on the plant are NOT seeds, so don’t be fooled by Amazon product listings offering them as such. They are leaves, and when sown without the stem, will promptly rot.

String of pearls' seeds

Dry the seeds thoroughly, and then store them until you’re ready to use them. I’m not sure yet how to sow them, since I haven’t tried it out. However, I’m fairly certain there must be special requirements, since the plant is unique, and the seeds are small. So, when you try, sow just a few at a time, and try out different temperature ranges, water amounts, soil depths and compositions, etc.


7 thoughts on “How to save seeds from senecio rowleyanus

  1. It’s so hard find how to strike strings from seed, after reading on the internet. I think as dandelions drop seeds if you put the tip of seed just in the top of sand so the seed can take root.
    Dampened sand use spray bottle to wet


  2. Thank you for this post! I have a SOP that has started flowering and I was actually surprised. I figured I would leave it alone and read up on what to expect and if there would be any seeds. Thanks for the info!


      1. I’m so late on responding but, the flower finally opened where I could smell it but it doesn’t quite smell like cinnamon. I wouldn’t say nutmeg either. I’ve heard some ppl compare it to clove but I’ve never smelled that spice before. It’s rich like cinnamon so if clove is anything like it that may be what it is.

        It smells very nice though! I’ve recently had another flower to pop up, but the other just fell off. I’m still not sure about any seeds but I’m keeping the one that fell off and maybe I’ll run into something soon! 🙂


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