How to attract birds to your garden

White throated fantail in a garden

Birds brighten up a garden. They add life and color, and their little chirping voices are a delight to hear. I live in an area that birds seem to like, so every morning, I’m greeted with a cacophony of musical chirps, squawks and coos. Watching them makes me happy, because they’re such pretty, energetic creatures.

So, how do you go about attracting these little beauties to your garden? Here are some tips.

Provide water

This is especially important during the summer. If you’re hot, the little birdies are, too. Put out a birdbath and refill it with fresh water every day or two. If you don’t have one, a large plate or tray will work great as a makeshift birdbath. If possible, install a dripper above it, as birds tend to prefer birdbaths with these. If you’re low on space, just put out a container with some water for them to drink. They’ll be grateful!

Provide food

Second-most important, but probably the most effective by far, putting out bird food is a sure-fire way of attracting them. Bird food includes grains, bread, fruits, and insects. The last can be done by growing plants which the insects are attracted to – which in turn leads us to the next point.

Provide shelter

Let a small area of your garden grow wild. Long, untamed grasses and tangled bushes will not only provide shelter for the birds, but will also harbor insects – which the birds will flock to eat. Many plants have the added benefit of bearing fruit which is inedible for humans, but fine for birds. Install a few of these, and watch the birds flitter in!

Provide privacy

Lastly, birds need privacy. If you’re hanging around, they’re unlikely to show up – or if they do, they’ll keep their distance. Leaving a corner of the garden untouched might do the trick, but it’s always advisable to stay away from places where they eat and drink. You don’t want them getting nervous!



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