How to choose indoor plants

Indoor plants such as succulents are very low maintenance

Having plants in the garden is great, but having plants inside your home is even better. At home, you can enjoy them at all times, in all weather conditions, and they’re safe from pests and (usually) easier to maintain. However, with the enormous variety of indoor plants available, how do you choose which ones to keep?

Visit your local garden centre or nursery, and get a list of plants that are available in your area, and that perform well in your weather conditions. I’d also advise going with disease-resistant varieties, to minimize risk. Once you have a list, here are a few factors that may help you narrow your selection down, to make it easier for you to decide:


Do you want a plant with attractive flowers, or one with attractive foliage? This is an important question you should ask yourself, as most houseplants fall neatly into one or the other category. Some factors you should keep in mind while deciding this are: whether you want to give them fertilizer, and whether you can put the plant in a sunny location. Flowering plants will need both to perform well, in addition to a little extra care.


Apart from just looking good and bringing some life into your indoors, many houseplants offer other benefits. While some are edible or have medicinal properties, some others (such as peace lily and snake plant) purify the air, getting rid of pollutants. Yet others – such as succulents – are easy to propagate, or are drought-resistant. If you can have only a few plants, I’d recommend going with one of these, so you get more use out of them.


Most houseplants live a long time, and if you don’t want to have to replace your plants every couple of years, I’d recommend opting for the ones that have a longer lifespan. Many succulents and ornamental plants live for years, and are also easy to take care of. Sun-loving flowering plants such as marigold tend to have a shorter lifespan, while on the other hand larger houseplants can live for decades.


4 thoughts on “How to choose indoor plants

  1. Great post! I just recently put some succulents in our home to start off with. I’d eventually like to get some plants that do well with purifying the air. Our household also has to keep our cats in mind, as I’ve read that some can be harmful.

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    1. All the best with your little garden! And yup, you’ll want to be careful with cats around. They tend to like knocking plants down though, so you should try to find a place where the cat either can’t, or won’t go. You’ll probably need shade-loving plants, as cats will hog the sunny areas. 🙂

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