This blog is chiefly about the environment, and gardening. I might sometimes venture into other subjects, but you’ll always find me returning to those two – because they are my passion.

My aim here is to spread awareness about environmental degradation, and inform people about resource conservation and about protecting the environment in general. Plus, I enjoy gardening, so I like to write about that as well. No goal there. I think, though, that gardening and environmental protection aren’t wholly unrelated subjects, so they go well together.


‘Fresh and Prispy’ was created when I was playing around with the phrase ‘fresh and crispy’, mentally debating creating a blog that provided news about the environment.

I added my name to ‘crispy’, and lo and behold, I got ‘fresh and prispy’. Since the name seemed to fit (and hadn’t been taken), I decided to go with it.


I’m a freelance writer with a variety of hobbies and passions. I care deeply about the environment, and I enjoy gardening. Apart from that, I’m also an avid reader, birder, and astronomy enthusiast. Nature in general interests me.

If you’re interested in reading other stuff by me (on subjects other than gardening and the environment), send me an email at the address below, or get in touch through my Contact page. I’ll send you some published articles in a day’s time.

I’ve been writing professionally for nearly seven years, and have written articles and other types of content for hundreds of clients. Have something you want me to write about? Email me at writerpriyaagarwal@gmail.com, and I’ll be in touch within a day or two. You can also reach me through Twitter.