Introduction (part 2) – Update on status

I’ve got the blog more or less figured out, and I think the website’s all set. I’ll be posting on productivity, organization, cleaning, writing, and the environment, and my shorter posts will be on a wide variety of subjects. I’ll probably change some things as I move forward, but the blog’s completely ready, unless I’ve missed something.
So far, I’ve posted two articles, and although I haven’t decided on a fixed schedule yet, I’m aiming for two articles weekly, once I have a small backlog. I’ll also be posting the articles to my social media, so if you want to, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I post article links, cool facts, and memes (motivational and/or wholesome). I’m still experimenting to see what my followers respond well to, but these seem to work fairly well so far. If you have any ideas that you think might work well, let me know!
This is the first time I’ve set a website up, and I must say, the experience was a lot better than I’d anticipated. If any of you are planning on getting your own website, I’d definitely recommend WordPress. Go for the free or paid plans as per your requirements, but one important thing you must remember is, choose a theme which suits your blog.
A lot of the time, for instance, I see blogs that look really flashy and modern, and that takes away from the reading experience, somewhat. If your blog is mostly text-based (i.e., the focus is on the articles), then go for something that enhances readability. Another plus is that simpler websites generally have a shorter loading time (which reduces your bounce rate) and they’re also easier to use.

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