Keep your home clean – and tidy!

Keep your home tidy to enhance aesthetic appeal

Living on your own is fun, but it isn’t very easy. Bills need to be paid, messes need to be cleaned, and repair work needs to be taken care of. So if you’ve moved out recently and are living on your own, you might feel a bit flustered by all that needs to be done.

However, if you’ve got the right attitude and develop some good habits, keeping your home clean will become a lot easier. Here are some quick tips which will help you develop good habits, so you can keep your home clean with minimum fuss.

  1. Be minimalistic

You can’t misplace what you don’t have (insert self-esteem joke here). If you have a lot of belongings, your home will look cluttered to some extent, because more things need more storage space, and you can only add so many storage areas before your rooms go from looking spacious to stuffed. So, get rid of the things you don’t need. Here’s some basic info on capsule wardrobes, to get you started.

  1. Get the proper cleaning materials

The right cleaning materials can help reduce the time taken in cleaning by leaps and bounds. So, gather the items you’ll need (cleaning sprays, rags, magic eraser etc.), and put them in a tray or tub under your sink. Side note: if you’re into green products, I’d strongly recommend using vinegar to clean wood, glass and metal surfaces. If you don’t like the smell, here’s how you can make some DIY scented vinegar.

  1. Set aside some time daily for cleaning

Dirt builds up over time and makes your place look grimy. So set aside some time (say, half an hour) daily, for cleaning. Do the dishes, do your laundry, wipe the kitchen counter down, and dust all those dusty surfaces that you’ve been avoiding. Putting on some fast music may help you overcome tiredness, and get things done. If you’re a procrastination king, my article on how to beat procrastination might help you.

  1. Clean messes as they are made

Although you should set aside some time for cleaning, if you make a mess it’s usually wise to clean it up immediately. For this, follow the 2 minute rule: if it can be done within two minutes, do it now. Postponing tasks will add to the list of things you need to eventually do, causing more stress. In addition, the mess will sit there and you might accidentally spread it. So get that rag out and do what Nike says.

  1. Keep everything organized

This is complementary to the first tip. Keep everything organized, and cleaning up will automatically become easier. You’ll know exactly where that notepad needs to be put, where you’ll find the carpet cleaner, or whether it’s time to vacuum yet. In addition, a lot of messes are caused by disorganization alone, so you’ll eliminate those right away. Being organized is a habit, so start small and start now.

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